Emeritus Board Members

Many generous board members have contributed to the Cedar City Arts Council’s efforts over the years. Below are just a handful of these vital contributors:

  • Rachel Parker Bishop
  • Rachelle Bonnett
  • Bill Byrnes
  • Tyler Braun
  • Tim Cretsinger
  • Deb Drake
  • Jessica Gerlach
  • Robert Gordon
  • Peggy Cox Green
  • Marlo Ihler
  • Ray Inkel
  • Paul Levy
  • Sandi Levy
  • James Marchant
  • Kathy McIntyre
  • Carol Ann Modesitt
  • R. Scott Phillips
  • Todd Prince
  • Denise Purvis
  • DaKishia Reid
  • Teri Saa
  • Deb Snider
  • Nathaniel “Nano” Taggart
  • Stephen Wagner
  • Spencer Wilson

If you know of more past board members, please let us know! We would love to have a more complete list of alumni.